Sustainable packaging solutions: More eco & Less waste

Building a positive

future for our planet

  • Aluminum is very convenient for recycling and energy saving
  • Aluminum is a durable material that can be infinitely recycled without any loss of quality.
  • With our in-house manufacturing capabilities, EBI delivers quality, agile service, and operational excellence!
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Primary packaging containers for personal care, cosmetics,fragrance, health care, beverage & food industries.        

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Sustainable Packaging Solutions



Aluminum or PCR 20% at least. More recycle material,more earth friendly.



NO plastic



Use more than one time or design created to refill,reduce the usage

14 Years Focus On Packaging

EBI is committed to developing sustainable packaging solutions for the global customers through our packaging consultants’ online service, prompt feedback and professional solutions. We offer end-to-end service from package graphic design, engineering, development, manufacture, fill and logistics of primary packaging containers for personal care, cosmetics, fragrance, health care, beverage & food industries. Our containers and tubes are mainly made of aluminum and plastic, we always consider about our environment for our design and production. With our in-house manufacturing capabilities, EBI deliver quality, agile service and operational excellence.
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R&D Team

We have an engineers and designers team with rich experience in packaging. We are unparalleled when it comes to innovative packaging, with only an idea from the customer. In addition to specializing in industrial design and engineering, we also offer graphic design, package brainstorming, rapid 3D printing samples, mold design, and building to the final physical package. We offer a sustainable package solution with material mainly for aluminum but also include plastic, glass, and paper upon your demands .operational excellence.

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