Valve or BOV, which is best for your aerosol?

As a company with extensive experience in the aluminum packaging industry, one of our most important decisions, when a customer needs a quote for an aluminum aerosol can, is to determine whether the customer will use a valve or a BOV as an accessory.

Today I will explore the factors you should consider when making this decision to ensure that your products are packaged in the best way possible.


The aluminum aerosol can consists of a tank and a valve that controls the distribution of the product. Valve systems are suitable for most fluid or semi-fluid products such as hair gels, perfumes, and cleaning fluids.

They allow control of spray pressure and volume and are ideal for products requiring precis measurements. 

Also, valves are generally easier to clean because they don’t require an internal pocket.

Ever Bright | Valve or BOV, which is best for your aerosol?
Ever Bright | Valve or BOV, which is best for your aerosol?

BOV (Bag-On-Valve)

BOV (Bag-On-Valve), on the other hand, use soft bags to separate products and propellants, making them suitable for a variety of products, including liquids, emulsions, and foams. 

Because the BOV  does not require internal valves, it can extend the shelf life and maintain the stability of the product. 

The BOV system can also be used at any Angle, including upside down or upright

What should we consider before choosing?

So when determining whether your product is best suited for valves or BOVs, we should consider the following factors:

1. Product type: Is your product liquid, semi-fluid or foam?

2. Usage scenario: Is your product used indoors or outdoors?

3. Dispensing power: Does your product require accurate metering or a larger spray volume?

4. Shelf life: How long does your product need to remain effective?

After considering these factors, you can test with different propellants and valves or BOV systems to determine the best choice for your product. 

This test can include assessing the spray performance under different environmental conditions to ensure that your product is packaged in an optimal manner.

Why we have to use different acessories?

Choosing the right packaging for your product and ensuring that it is delivered to our customers in the best possible condition is of Paramount importance to us. 

When deciding whether to choose a valve or a BOV, consider your product type, use scenario, distribution force, and shelf life. 

Through testing and evaluation, you can determine the best choice of products, to ensure that its packaging methods maintain their effectiveness and meet customer needs.

Ever Bright | Valve or BOV, which is best for your aerosol?

of course, if you do not understand, we have experienced sales staff at your service, and we will do our best to customize the best, most efficient and environmentally friendly packaging solutions for you

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