September PK Opening Ceremony: The War with Yourself

As a participant, I took part in the opening ceremony of our company’s two annual PK festivals in September. 

This activity is one of the important events of our company twice a year, For each PK festival we will choose a theme, in March this year, we chose the theme of aerospace, each group is named after China’s major spacecraft,

This PK in this grand summer we chose the theme of the sports meeting, each group is named with a variety of ball games, such as volleyball Queen team, Football princess, table tennis prince team Hahaha, the rules of the game are that each group sets a performance goal, weekly statistics, and rankings according to the points system, to September 30, according to the cumulative score ranking during this period of time, the top several teams will be rewarded.

Challenge yourself and go beyond the limit

Ever Bright | September PK Opening Ceremony

Starting from the concept of PK, our PK is based on the personal performance of the packaging consultant in the group, they can choose a colleague who is better than themselves, in the process of competition and efforts to turn themselves into a master.

The real opponent is actually not others, but yourself, To challenge the self, beyond the limit as the goal. Whether for sales or for our own growth, we compete and improve ourselves with a positive attitude and high morale. 

It is a fierce and interesting competition, with everyone trying their best to play their strength and strive for glory for the team.

Synchronized relay: Show team chemistry

Of course, this activity is not only the competition of dozens of packaging consultants in our company, but everyone in our company participates in it.

And non-business employees are divided into four groups of support teams as a backup to support each business group.

Today we are also using the trick relay race as a mini-game. 


Ever Bright | September PK Opening Ceremony

The rules of the game are to run four different balls in the prescribed range of eight people relay back and forth, the shortest time the team wins, both a test of personal ability, but also the need for team cooperation and tacit understanding. 

The members of each team gave full play to their own strengths and quickly passed on the relay, showing excellent collaboration ability and good team understanding. 

The rules of the game in the synchronized relay race were full of fun and challenges, and everyone had a great time and created unforgettable memories together.

Ever Bright | September PK Opening Ceremony

Special prize for winning team

In this mini-game, we set up a special reward, that is, the winning team added one point in advance.

Not only to reward them for winning the game but also to inspire other groups to work harder to fight back.

This setup makes the competition more exciting, and each group is full of fighting spirit to strive for better results.

Create brilliant together

Ever Bright | September PK Opening Ceremony

In this PK month, our common goal is $448W, challenge opponents, challenge themselves, and everyone is involved in this fight. Whether in competition or in daily work, we uphold the spirit of combining cooperation and competition, learning from each other, and making progress together, we have not only made breakthroughs in personal growth but also injected new impetus into the development of the company.

Look forward to the wonderful continue

With the success of the opening ceremony, we ushered in this month’s wonderful PK activities. Whether in performance or in teamwork, we will show our strength and create more outstanding results. Through this PK month of competition and cooperation, we believe that the cohesion of the team will be further enhanced and create a more brilliant future for the development of the company.

So dear customers, if you need aluminum products, please take the time to contact us, during the period of August 17 to September 30, each order can enjoy discounts, what are you waiting for?

Ever Bright | September PK Opening Ceremony

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