Plastic is a raw material that humans love but hate. Love its cheap, high moldability, but hate its indestructibility.

More and more companies are starting to focus on sustainable development, including our EBI packaging.

As we cannot abandon plastic , how to reduce the use of plastic is a major problem we face, and it is also a major problem faced by mankind.

Ever Bright | replaceable-snap-bottle

EBI focus on sustainable packaging solutions for over 12 years. In any case, we give priority to recommend aluminum packaging to customers, if customers’ product are not applicable, we will recommend environmentally friendly plastic, like PCR or replaceable plastic packaging. The below replaceable snap bottle is our new design to reduce the use of plastic

Ever Bright | replaceable-snap-bottle

* Material: Hosing: ABS ; Pump:PP; Interchangeable inner bag: PET.

* Volume: 400ml or custom

* Innovative Parts: After the content is used up,we just need replace the inner bag. Pump head and housing are reusable,to reduce the use of plastic.

* The honeycomb visual design allows you to know the usage of the contents.

If you are interested in our products, please contact our email : or WhatsApp: +86-18779223927.

Also if you have any good suggestions for reducing the use of plastic, welcome to submit to the above mailbox.

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