Design Service :

We can offer artwork design and mold service with an in-house design team and mold workshop, different container shapes and printing designs can be customized as per your request.

  • Material:                        PCR
  • Sealing type:                 Spray pump, roll-on, dropper pump, plastic inner dropper, cap
  • Capacity for Bottle:       From 50ml to 240ml
  • Printing:                         Silkscreen Printing, Hot stamping 


Ever Bright | PCR BOTTLE

Carrying out the idea of protecting the environment, we have developed a series of Replaceable packaging. Simple and advanced packaging design with detachable liners all reflect our environmental protection concept. More, We use environmental-friendly materials such as PCR ( post-recycled Resin) or PLA for production.

The liner material is stable, and not easy to react with skin care products. Ensured the purity and quality of the product which won’t be affected. The packaging set contains a variety of accessories such as a lotion pump, dropper, spray pump, etc., available for lotions, serums, and toners. The liquid output is stable and controllable.

With a mature design and development team, we design and produce your own molds to meet your different design needs Imagine that whenever you sit in front of the dresser and see skin care products displayed like artworks, wonderful user experience, so that every skincare has become an enjoyment


Ever Bright | PCR BOTTLE
Ever Bright | PCR BOTTLE
Ever Bright | PCR BOTTLE


Ever Bright | PCR BOTTLE


Ever Bright | PCR BOTTLE
Ever Bright | PCR BOTTLE
Ever Bright | PCR BOTTLE

EBI designed skincare packaging sets meet a variety of skin care needs, suitable for lotion, toner, essence, facial cleanser,
cleansing oil, cream, facial mask and so on. Mini set for trial pack and travel suit.

EBI is the ideal partner to realize your sustainability targets with following idea: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace.

We committed to developing sustainable solutions for the global beauty industry.

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