Low Cost Aluminum Bottle Selection Guide

With the enhancement of people’s environmental protection concept,eco-friendly and recyclable packaging will be the mainstream trend in near future ,now more and more companies using aluminum packaging instead of the plastic or glass bottle.

But the high cost of aluminum bottle is still the worry of many users.In order to help our customers remove this worry .

EBI have opened many automatic line to produce the aluminum bottle  ,which will reduce the cost a lot.

Following are some information and advantage of our automatic bottle.

Material:                     99.7% pure aluminum
Capacity:                     50-500ml
Mouth diameter:     24mm,28mm
MOQ:                          30000pcs
Surface:                  painting,1-8 colors offset printing.
Lead time:                30day after receiving your deposit

Advantages:             lower cost, shorter lead time, stable quality, fine printing effect(1-8 color) 

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