From rookie to master, EBI is here for you!

With more and more new people joining, and many candidates have asked about the company’s training model, today I will be here to introduce our EBI new employee training course

1 on 1 mentoring

After the new entry, the head of the employing department will designate the corresponding staff with many years of experience as the apprentice to help the new staff adapt to the pace of the company faster and carry out the daily work in a more targeted and planned way.

Online training

At the same time, new people also need to study online courses independently, our online courses are rich, and basically contain the basic knowledge that all positions must learn, such as: product knowledge, platform operation process, business development skills, function and thinking class general courses and so on

Offline training and teaching

Finally, we will arrange regular offline training for new people to help them grow up, check for gaps, answer questions, and solve doubts ~ for example, we carry out sample room product training, new comprehensive literacy courses, and business post-question answering courses ~

Haha, having said so much, of course I want to show you some pictures to see how energetic our little rookies are.

Ever Bright | From rookie to master, EBI is here for you!
Ever Bright | From rookie to master, EBI is here for you!

Start from the ordinary things, study the truth contained in the ordinary things, and lead the development with the knowledge mastered. I hope that every new person can gain something after the training, apply what they learn, and continue to grow, and look forward to seeing the transformation of every new person!

Of course, all our purpose is to provide better service to each customer, we hope that we give you a good first impression and shopping experience.
What are you waiting for? Come join us Everett this big family with love and dreams!!!

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