five points make your product packaging more perfect

1. Fully consider the practicability of outer packaging. 

Product packaging must first consider practicability and facilitate transportation.

Packaging is for products, and it is very important to have a safe and convenient packaging design. 

There are many aspects to the practicality of packaging. For large or fragile products, packaging design needs to focus on how to better protect the product through materials. 

If the product is to be placed on the display rack of a retail store, the product packaging needs to be like a proud peacock on the screen, showing itself with the most beautiful self. At this time, the packaging design needs to pay more attention to the visual expression of the packaging.

Under normal circumstances: the sky and earth cover can reduce the probability of damage during the stacking of goods, and it is also convenient for warehouse transportation. For products with a certain weight, you can consider using strong-pit cardboard for packaging. This material is not only convenient to display but also able to withstand shocks and bumps during transportation. So with so many packaging materials, how to choose suitable packaging materials?

Ever Bright | Five points make packaging perfect

We should conceive the packaging design of the product like an architect. No one would want to live in a house made of cheese. If that is the case, it would be disgusting to think about the bad smell of summer. 

Similarly, we should not use the wrong materials to build a house for products. When the product is in it, it can be respected by users as if it were a treasure. When choosing packaging materials, you need to think about how to achieve the best balance point. Here are several commonly used materials for reference:

Aluminum: this material is lightweight and can play a good role in protecting products. It is most suitable for the packaging of food, dairy products, cosmetics, medicines, fragrance,s and other retail products.


Recycled plastic: Compared with traditional plastic, recycled plastic have great environmental advantages. And the biggest advantage is the price is more cheaper. And it has a certain degree of elasticity, high strength and wear resistance, and good insulation properties. Which is popular for many products’ packaging: Cosmetic, daily products, house clean and so on.

Ever Bright | Five points make packaging perfect

3. Design the appropriate size

Ever Bright | Five points make packaging perfect

Size is related to consumers’ buying needs and buying habits. Let’s imagine going to the supermarket to buy bananas. 

If we find that the supermarket’s bananas are packaged individually instead of the current handfuls of packaging, think about how wasteful it is! You might not buy this single banana package, right? 

Although this method of individually packaging bananas does not work, it does not mean that there is no market demand for individual packaging of other commodities. In fact, many food companies have added this type of packaging to match real consumer demand.

For many people who are too busy to cook, this single package becomes a very convenient option. These people spend most of the day socializing outside, so it is easy to deal with a meal casually. This gives many brands the opportunity to design independent packaging to meet this consumer demand.

This trend not only requires designers to think about the visual design and practicality of packaging, but also to realize what packaging size can match the newly-increasing market demand. The key point is: size is important, but you must always keep your end users in mind. Size is the final form of presentation, and the core is the consumer demand of users.

When choosing the right product packaging, one of the most important things to remember is to understand your end users. Because only these people are the group that you will ultimately please.

This sounds easy, but when we are a product designer or manufacturer, it is easy to overlook this point. 

The inertial thinking of roles and positions can easily form our thinking blind spots. This blind spot often leads us to make a mistake in the packaging design. 

The result is that most users think that what you do does not meet expectations and can only be a toy. In order to attract customers, it is necessary to fully understand whether they represent a niche market or a mainstream consumer market.

Before finalizing the design and deciding on mass production, you must do enough homework, do a good job of market research, find more objective data, and use actual data to define the key indicators that the design needs to meet. 

Only in this way, your products can be sold out earlier.

4. design requires a deep understanding of the end user

Ever Bright | Five points make packaging perfect

5. Ergonomic design on the packaging

Ever Bright | Five points make packaging perfect

The ergonomic design here is about how people will open the package and the interactive experience that occurs during this process. This is also a very important part of the packaging design process. 

We design suitable packaging shapes and sizes for different products. At the same time, packaging is to meet the needs of consumers. 

The interactive experience has a certain originality that can impress users. For product packaging design, ergonomic design is very important. 

If people are very strenuous and frustrated when opening the product packaging, this will greatly reduce the user’s willingness to make a second purcha

Choosing the right packaging for the product may be a difficult choice. The quality of the packaging design will have a great impact on the brand user experience, whether it is for large companies or small and micro enterprises. Therefore, it is indeed worth considering twice before launching a packaging design. I hope these five techniques above can help you.

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