Exciting Highlights of Our Two-Day Annual Event

Hello,everyone! We are excited to share with you our exciting plans for our FY2023 Annual Meeting – our two-day annual event on the 27th and 28th. Let us briefly review what we have experienced during these unforgettable days.

Day 1: A Journey of Teamwork and Celebration

On the morning of the 27th, We gather downstairs in the company, donning our specially designed company t-shirts. The appearance of these shirts was designed by our team members, with the EBI logo and eco-friendly earth pattern on the front and back. Afterward, we will board a bus for a scenic journey of approximately one and a half hours to our first destination: Poyang Lake.

During the way, We played an interactive game about environmental protection knowledge and garbage classification. As we reach our destination, we divided into groups and collectively participate in a cleanup activity. Each group responsible for collecting different types of waste. Following a productive morning, We went to a local farmhouse for a delicious lunch of local specialties, preparing us for an afternoon of joyful games and activities.

Around 4 o’clock, we return to the hotel to freshen up and change into our elegant attire. Getting ready for the highlight of the day: the annual gala dinner! Our company held a series of exciting activities at the party, including spontaneous raffles and prize distributions, while enjoying a sumptuous dinner. After the dinner, an enchanting outdoor bonfire awaits us, where we will sing, dance, play games, and marvel at beautiful fireworks. This concludes the activities on the 27th. Let’s take a night’s rest and welcome the fun-filled 28th.

Ever Bright | Exciting Highlights of EBI Two-Day Annual Event

Day 2: Exploring Local Treasures

On the morning of the 28th, we went to an ancient town we passed on the way to feel its unique charm. We strolled through the streets of the historic Old Town admiring its beauty and unique history and culture. In the afternoon, we visited the Tomb of Haihunhou, an archaeological site that preserves the legacy of Liu He, Haihunhou of the Han Dynasty. In the heritage area, we were deeply shocked.

Charity trip to Poyang Lake

Poyang Lake is the largest freshwater lake in China, which located in the northern part of Jiangxi Province.  As we all know, water is the source of all things. If water resources are seriously polluted, the ecological environment will be greatly affected. In order to practice the concept of environmental protection and carry forward EBI’s vision (sustainable development), we unanimously decided to go to Poyang Lake to clean up garbage.

Prior to the start of the cleanup, we organized ourselves into groups and implemented a systematic waste classification. Each group was assigned specific types of waste to collect, ensuring efficient and effective cleanup efforts. Over the course of approximately two hours, we diligently picked up litter in accordance with our assigned categories.

Ever Bright | Exciting Highlights of EBI Two-Day Annual Event

After the cleanup, we regrouped at a designated location to weigh the collected waste from each team. This step allowed us to assess the impact of our efforts and promote a healthy sense of competition among the groups. The top two teams, based on the weight of their collected waste, were recognized for their outstanding contributions with a special Earth-themed lapel pin. This pin, adorned with a miniature Earth design, can be proudly displayed on clothing or attached to bags.

Through this charity activity, we have a deeper understanding of environmental protection. Environmental protection is not something that can be done overnight, it requires us to practice it in our daily lives. It’s not just about not littering, it’s also about using recyclable products. That is why EBI has always insisted on sustainable development.

Ever Bright | Exciting Highlights of EBI Two-Day Annual Event
Ever Bright | Exciting Highlights of EBI Two-Day Annual Event

Team development session

Ever Bright | Exciting Highlights of EBI Two-Day Annual Event

In the afternoon, after arriving at the hotel, after a short rest, our team development time began. Each team gave a brief presentation: including introducing the team name, shouting slogans, and arranging formations. After the presentation, our game session begins. After two hours of happy game time, we began to  prepare for the exciting activities in the evening.

Dinner and awards

It’s time for our most exciting dinner awards ceremony! Not only can you enjoy delicious food, but everyone here has the opportunity to participate in the lottery. This should be our favorite part. In addition to each round of lottery, the company will reward employees who have performed well in the past year. The host read the award speech emotionally on the stage, and we in the audience applauded warmly to congratulate each of the friends who won the award. I hope our company and employees will get better and better, become bigger and stronger, and create brilliance!

Ever Bright | Exciting Highlights of EBI Two-Day Annual Event

Free time and visits to attractions

In the morning, we arrived at a local ancient town. We freely divided into groups and went to different attractions in the ancient town to enjoy the scenery and experience the local characteristics.

In the afternoon, we came to the very famous Haihunhou Ruins Museum. When we entered the museum, we were all stunned by the sight before us – it turned out that life in ancient times was not as difficult as we imagined, or maybe the common people were poor, but the life of the kings was very luxurious. In the museum , we followed the tour guide and experienced the life of the Han Dynasty monarchs immersively.

Ever Bright | Exciting Highlights of EBI Two-Day Annual Event

The two-day trip to the annual meeting was full of joy. During this two-day trip, we not only strengthened the connection between the company’s partners and gained a clearer understanding of the company’s vision and mission, but we were also intoxicated by the beautiful surrounding environment. We have created unforgettable memories together. I wish us and the company better and better future development and make more satisfactory products for our customers.

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