Ever Bright | EBI Annual PK Festival is coming!!

The end of summer! Participate in EBI Annual PK Festival promotion and enjoy special offers!

In recent times, notable sporting events such as the World University Games and the World Cup have captivated audiences worldwide, creating a thrilling atmosphere for this summer. At EBI, we are also gearing up to host our own sporting extravaganza. Today, I am delighted to share with you a preview of the exciting news to come.

From August 17 to the end of September, EBI will hold a grand biannual promotion event – PK Festival! This is our annual event in March and August and September, and in order to reward our valued customers, we will offer discounts to all customers who place orders during this month. In addition, there is a series of coupons waiting for you, as long as your single order reaches a certain number, you can enjoy more benefits.

The PK Festival promotion is carefully planned by EBI to thank customers for their long-term support.

Whether you want to buy our products or are looking for the right solution for your business, the PK Festival promotion will be the best choice for you. Here’s what you can expect:

Ever Bright | EBI Annual PK Festival is coming!!

1. Discount: During the event, all orders will enjoy a discount. This means that you can buy the product or service you need at a more affordable price.

2. Coupon reward: After a single order reaches a certain number, you will receive coupons of different denominations. These coupons can be used for your future purchases, allowing you to enjoy more benefits.

3. Wide selection: EBI offers solutions and products in a variety of fields, whether you are in technology, consulting, education, healthcare, or other industries, we can provide you with the right services.

Contact us now to learn more about the PK Festival promotion and take advantage of this rare opportunity. Our team will be happy to serve you to ensure that you get the maximum benefits and satisfaction during the PK festival.

Take action to participate in EBI’s annual PK Festival promotion and enjoy the benefits!

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