Desert Gold Mining Legends: Who is the winner?

Last week, our company organized 20 newcomers who had been employed for less than a year and divided them into five groups for a desert gold panning trip. 

In this gold nuggets battle, We can see which team can dig up the most gold and become the most profitable team among the many Nuggets…  

Ever Bright | Desert Gold Mining Legends: Who is the winner?

Story origin

Ever Bright | Desert Gold Mining Legends: Who is the winner?

Long, long ago in the east, a group of explorers came to the northwest desert to pan for gold. 

They found a gold mine in a remote and mysterious valley, and they dug out a lot of gold. 

But due to some mysterious reasons, they did not go back to the valley smoothly, leaving only a legend in the mouth of the gold diggers…
A few years later, when the man-made satellite was scanning the earth’s mineral resources, it was unexpectedly discovered that there was actually a bigger gold mine hidden under this disused gold mine.

Thus, this new discovery attracted batch after batch of gold diggers…

In the uninhabited desert, the environment is harsh, and there is a lack of water sources. On the road to digging gold, every road is full of hardships…


Desert Nuggets game introduction:

The Desert Gold Nuggets course divides all the team members into small teams, and then several expedition teams go to “seek gold in the desert”.

They can only walk one square a day from the base camp on the map. Each team is under the same conditions, and they can get a reserve fund of 1,000 yuan. 

The 1,000 yuan in cash can buy equivalent tents, a compass, water, food at the base camp, and a camel with a daily load of 1,000 pounds. 

The entire expedition trip is 25 days, of which at least 12 days are on the way back and forth, and 13 days can be used to dig gold on the destination mountain. 

A tent can be used three times during the entire journey, and a compass can only be used once. 

Ever Bright | Desert Gold Mining Legends: Who is the winner?

On the way, you need to cross deserts, villages, oases, or royal tombs, and face complex weather challenges such as sunny days, high temperatures, and sandstorms. Some camel teams can return victorious, some may return to the desert, and everything depends on your choice…


Ever Bright | Desert Gold Mining Legends: Who is the winner?

In this exciting competition, all the expedition teams compete fiercely with each other to cross the desert from the base! 

What is their goal? Also, be able to return to base safely and sell the gold nuggets for a good price in the market, and whoever gets the most cash wins the game.

The trainees form their own teams, usually in a team of 5-7 people, and go to the desert to search for gold. 

Starting from the base camp on the map, each team is in the same conditions. The places they pass include the base camp, desert, village, oasis, royal tomb, and Mountain.

On the way forward, there is an oasis where the expedition team can draw as much water as possible (if the camel’s weight permits); 

in the village, the expedition team cannot buy tents and compasses, but they can buy water and food. Its price is double that of the base camp.

 In the desert, you will encounter four kinds of weather, including sunny days, high temperatures, sandstorms, and sandstorms plus high temperatures. 

The food and water required for each weather condition are different. In addition, there is an old man outside the base camp. It is said that he can tell you about the desert, but it is not sure whether what he said is true or not.

How does it end?

It is a pity that only one group of teams survived the desert trip and won the victory, but everyone has a deep understanding, whether it is about work, life, or themselves

Ever Bright | Desert Gold Mining Legends: Who is the winner?


Whether it is for the game or our work, in fact, if we think about it, basically every setting has something to do with us:

Expeditions = active businesses;
Gold = enterprise profit;
Water and food = the production cost of the enterprise;
weather = external market;
Elderly = external counseling agency

The “Desert Gold Nuggets” course is a professional experiential training course for personnel cooperation, communication, and competition that may occur in team operations, digging deep into problems such as pressure and contradictions, and analyzing and finding solutions. 

Through the feeling guidance of the game, discover the importance of team setting and goal management, discover the impact and damage of improper use of resources on the team or company, cultivate your own critical thinking ability, and more importantly, help enterprises manage, sell, communicate, etc. 

Using team games to unknowingly show problems and dig out the root essence of problems, let us experience the company’s problems first-hand and find immediate solutions. 

Think about how to communicate and cooperate effectively with team members in the case of limited resources, so as to increase mutual trust, reduce internal friction, make the work go smoothly, achieve the best results, and truly maximize productivity.

Ever Bright | Desert Gold Mining Legends: Who is the winner?
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