BOV (Bag on Valve): Innovative storage solution for aerosol cans

As an innovative material storage solution, BOV (Bag on Valve) plays an important role in aerosol cans. It separates the contents from the pressure can by placing a bag inside the aerosol can. 

Today we are pleased to introduce to you the best accessory for our best-selling product aluminum aerosol can: BOV (Bag on valve). The working principle of BOV is actually very simple: the contents are stored in the bag, and the pressure tank is responsible for controlling Pressure and gas injection. 

The core of BOV technology is a special packaging system consisting of two parts: a bag containing liquid product and a valve attached to the bag. The bag contains the product, while the valve is responsible for controlling the flow of gas. This design completely isolates the product from the gas, avoiding the possibility of the product coming into contact with air or gas.

BOV’s innovative design allows us to precisely control injection, extend the shelf life of customers’ products, and achieve 360-degree continuous injection without worrying about gas waste.

Ever Bright | BOV (Bag on Valve): Innovative storage solution for aerosol cans

Advantages and applicable fields

BOV has many advantages in the aerosol can market. As an innovative storage solution, BOV brings many advantages to aerosol cans, such as:
– Extends the shelf life of the product and protects the product from external factors;
– Controllable and precise spraying reduces waste and ensures consumer satisfaction;
– Suitable for various industries such as pharmaceutical, personal care, food and beverage, household products and industrial fields;
– Compatible with a variety of formulations, reducing the use of preservatives.

Choose the right BOV supplier

As a manufacturer of aerosol packaging for 13 years, we clearly know that choosing the right BOV supplier is crucial to successful product development. When choosing a supplier, I recommend you consider the following factors:
– Compliance and certification: Ensure suppliers comply with relevant regulations and standards.
– Quality control measures: Understand the supplier’s quality control processes and product testing methods.
– Customization options and packaging design support: Find suppliers who can provide personalized service and support.
– Supply chain management and on-time delivery: Ensure suppliers can provide stable supply and deliver on time.

Ever Bright | BOV (Bag on Valve): Innovative storage solution for aerosol cans


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Ever Bright | BOV (Bag on Valve): Innovative storage solution for aerosol cans

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