Analysis on the Development Trend of FMCG Packaging

FMCG refers to those consumer goods with short service life and fast consumption speed.
The most easily understood fast-moving consumer goods include personal and home care products, food and beverage, tobacco and alcohol products. 

Ever Bright | Analysis on the development trend of fmcg packaging

They are called fast-moving consumer goods because they are first of all daily necessities with high consumption frequency and short use time.
A wide range of consumer groups have high requirements for consumption convenience, many and complex sales channels, traditional and emerging formats and other channels coexist, industry concentration is gradually increasing, and competition is becoming more difficult.
FMCG is an impulsive purchase product, impromptu purchase decision, insensitive to the suggestions of people around, depends on personal preference, similar products do not need to be compared, product appearance/packaging, advertising promotion, price, etc. play an important role in sales .

Ever Bright | Analysis on the development trend of fmcg packaging

In a consumption activity, the first thing buyers see is the packaging, not the product. Almost 100% of product buyers interact with product packaging, so when buyers scan shelves or browse online stores, product packaging promotes products through the use of eye-catching or beautiful graphics and unique design elements, shapes, logos, and promotions. Information, etc., quickly catches the attention of consumers. 

So for most consumer goods, packaging design is the most effective and cost-effective sales tool, increasing customer interest in the product and beating out loyal fans of competing brands. When products are highly homogeneous, consumers’ decisions often depend on emotional responses. 

Packaging is a differentiated way to express positioning: while expressing product attributes and advantages, it also expresses the meaning and brand story it represents. As a packaging and printing company, the most important thing is to help customers tell a good brand story with exquisite product packaging that meets the brand’s tonality.

The current digital age is an era of rapid change. Consumers’ purchases of products are changing, consumers’ purchasing methods are changing, and consumers’ shopping places are changing. 

Products, packaging, and services are all changing around consumer needs. “Consumers are The concept of “boss” is still deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Consumer demand changes faster and more diversified. This not only puts forward higher requirements for brands but also puts forward higher requirements for packaging and printing companies. 

Packaging companies must adapt to the changing market. With diversity, good technical reserves, and more competitiveness, the thinking mode must be changed, from “making packaging” to “making products”, not only to be able to respond quickly when customers put forward needs, and to propose competitive solutions and Innovative solutions. And it needs to go to the front end, guide customers, and continuously promote innovative solutions.

Consumer demand determines the development trend of packaging, determines the direction of innovation of the enterprise, prepares technical reserves, organizes regular innovation selection meetings internally, organizes regular innovation exchange meetings externally, and invites customers to participate in exchanges by making samples. 

Daily product packaging, combined with the tonality of customer brand design, applies new technologies or concepts to project development, maintains a state of micro-innovation, and maintains competitiveness.

Ever Bright | Analysis on the development trend of fmcg packaging

The following is a simple analysis of packaging trends: 

Today’s era is an era of looking at the value of appearance. The “value economy” is detonating new consumption. When consumers buy products, they also require that their packaging should not only be exquisite and exquisite but also have sensory experiences such as smell and touch, also be able to tell stories and inject Emotional temperature, resonate;

“Post-90s” and “Post-00s” have become the main consumer groups. The new generation of young people believes that “to please oneself is justice” and requires differentiated packaging to meet the needs of “please yourself”;

With the rise of the national trend, IP cross-border cooperation packaging emerges in an endless stream to meet the social needs of the new generation;

Personalized customized interactive packaging enhances the consumer experience, not only shopping but also a way of emotional expression with a sense of ritual;

Digital and intelligent packaging, using coding technology for anti-counterfeiting and traceability, consumer interaction and member management, or applying acousto-optic black technology to promote social hotspots;

Packaging reduction, recyclability, and degradability have become new demands for the development of the industry. Sustainable development is no longer just “worth having”, but is regarded as a necessary means to attract consumers and maintain market share.

In addition to paying special attention to consumer needs, customers also pay more attention to the rapid response and supply capabilities of packaging companies. Today, the world we live in is changing faster than ever before. 

Consumers hope that their favorite brands can be as fast-changing as the social media information they get, so brand owners need to significantly shorten the product life cycle, so as to speed up product launch. 

This requires packaging companies to propose packaging solutions, risk assessments, materials in place, proofing, and mass production in a shorter period of time, with high-quality delivery on time.

 In the early stage of development, as mentioned earlier, the thinking changes from “making packaging” to “making products” corresponds to the change of the role of packaging development engineers from “process engineer” to “product manager”, which is the change made by the enterprise to adapt to market changes. , Improve quick response ability, reflect professional ability, and increase competitiveness. In the mass production stage, packaging companies need to speed up intelligent and digital transformation. 

For example, in the intelligent warehouse of Zhongrong Printing, no workers can be seen. And other equipment is completed through the intelligent distribution scheduling system, in terms of supply chain coordination to achieve agility, efficiency, zero error, shorten the production cycle, and fast delivery.

Ever Bright | Analysis on the development trend of fmcg packaging

In order to better develop the market, EBI’s R&D department collects, analyzes and disseminates the cutting-edge development information of new materials, new processes and new technologies through various internal and external communication activities in an organized manner, forms guiding opinions on the company’s technological development, and When the conditions are ripe, further carry out the research and development of invention-creation patented technologies and the establishment of industry technical standards.

EBI will continue to gain insight into consumer preferences and needs, based on the understanding of the market and brand needs, combined with product characteristics, increase innovative research and development in new technologies and new fields, focus on improving internal personnel capabilities, and pursue excellent technology and unparalleled printing quality. Provide customers with one-stop services from graphic design, structural creativity, material selection, process combination to manufacturing and terminal promotion.

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