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2019 EBI Travel To Japan



2019 EBI Travel To Japan

End of April, EBI team travel to Japan. We've been to Tokyo, osoka, Kyoto... From April.30 to May.6, we back to work.
We visited the Temple,  different streets, crazy Shopping for the Cosmetics and see the most beautiful Fuji. Mountain.

What left to us? See how our Colleuage say:

heart Mr. Rain (From EBI Logistic Dept) heart 

1. Clothing. Japan is a country that is very traditional, attaches importance to cultural heritage and is proud of it.
For example, the scenic spots can be seen everywhere in kimono Japanese (there are also Chinese rent kimono excursions), China is very few ordinary people in traditional festivals and scenic spots of traditional costumes.
2. Food. Everywhere 7-11, the whole family and other convenience stores, almost reached five steps a pavilion, ten steps a post to the point. Convenience store things are full, relying on convenience stores can solve almost all life problems (in Japan, have not seen large supermarkets, land territory is small, land is expensive, do not allow this operation).
Convenience stores pay by the ground logo line, step over the line will be invited back by the cashier. Cashier service is very in place, buy the Bento will heat you, buy alcohol and tobacco, etc. need to click on the screen to confirm that you are 18 years old.
Chopsticks, spoons and so on will be packed and put into the bag (do not have to take your own), food will also give you a classification package. Food prices.
Scenic spots, airport food prices and outside the difference is not big, mostly is dozens of yen difference, will not be like the domestic, airports, scenic spots in the food price difference several times.
3. Live. Japanese hotel facilities are standardized and fully equipped.
All the smart toilet cover, before seeing the news, the Chinese in Japan to snap up Panasonic Smart toilet cover and rice cooker and so on, in fact, not because of the shopping shop brainwashing marketing, but in the hotel experience is good, first to you to use well, there will be consumer demand. Hotel is very clean and tidy, do not like in the domestic hotel as worried about hotel towels, bed linen hygiene problems.
The walls are also equipped with books such as The Christian Bible for the convenience of people of religious belief. Hotel Soundproofing is very poor, bathroom wall or even plate, not concrete wall.
It should be to facilitate escape in an emergency.
4. Traffic. Japanese people are very much in compliance with traffic rules, driving never into the car, high speed or even rarely change lanes, car horns are almost not used ... The distance on the road is very large, so you can try to avoid traffic jams and scratches in the case of very few lanes. Japanese transport routes close to residential areas will be built with a large area of soundproof panels to minimize noise pollution to roadside settlements.
Roadside hillside slope Protection works are very comprehensive and fine. The bus driver will personally help us put the luggage into the luggage compartment each time, the domestic driver will not

heart Ms.Lisa (From EBI Auto-Part Dept) heart 
1. It was clean everywhere, and at one point I thought our car (nicely decorated) was new because the tires were the same as the new one; the ground was largely muddy.
2. Shops close at around 8 o'clock in the evening, there is no place for nightlife.
3. Do you like sweets?
Most of the food is very sweet, hot pot is also sweet, the famous White lovers are also sweet and greasy, even we are more than how to eat chili Peppers miss the Taste of chili peppers, after going to be sure to bring chili sauce or dry godmother and remember to check in.
4. Smoking is prohibited in most places, which is quite good, reducing the inhalation of second-hand smoke from others.
5. People are more polite, speak softly, for fear of disturbing others, my voice in that over there is counted loudly.
A little quiet fright.
6. There are many convenience stores and vending machines.
Most of the food is cold, drink most of it is ice, bento can be heated, noodles cannot be heated.
7. There are many plants, basically can not see the Guangshan; a variety of shrines, temples, many good people are dedicated to the bad, the feeling is bad; cosmetics a lot, basic women will wear makeup out, regardless of age.

heart Ms. Jo  (From EBI Packaging Dept) heart 
1. Japan is seriously aging, the most impressive is an airport to see an all-white hair in the command there, reckon there is 80 years old, there is a driver, driving every day is basically 4 hours to start, I am worried that he will fall asleep. Second, more crows, vending machines, everywhere, high function can also be positioned.
2. Hotel is very clean, although small, but complete facilities, especially toilet, heating function is very good.
3. Less trash cans, every time I eat before I have to consider where to find trash bins to throw garbage, basically only the hotel has garbage cans, and the score is very fine, a water bottle can be placed in three places.
4. Self-awareness is very strong, the first day to the toilet to see a long team, did not see anyone jump in the queue, whether it is a shop or somewhere else.
5. Speeches are whispering, it feels like their girls are cute, look at the picture.
6. The bus was clean, drove for 5 days, and the tires were not muddy at all.
7. Large supermarkets do not charge 1 yuan, I buy food, walk 5 places have 1 yuan, give them not all to collect, return to me, and feel that they are quite caring for their own currency, give me the paper money is like taken out of the bank

Anyway, It's always happy to be with our team. And see our different place customers, and hope to grow with our customers.

EBI Marketing Team / May .2019