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environmental packaging

Common environmental packaging materials are:
1. Degradable plastic:
Plastic is generally difficult to degrade, and there are a lot of plastic garbage buried in the ground that can not decay for several years. Degradable plastic refers to a plastic whose chemical structure changes in a specific environment that causes performance loss in a specific time. The development of degradable plastic packaging materials and the phasing out of non-degradable plastic packaging materials are a major trend in the development of science and technology in the world, and are one of the hot spots in material research and development. As degradable plastics are easy to process and shape, prices are gradually decreasing, resulting in a sharp increase in the use of degradable plastics for packaging. Is currently the most common environmentally friendly food packaging material;
2. Metal packaging materials:
Because metal packaging materials are easy to recycle and easy to handle, their environmental pollution is less than that of plastic and paper. Commonly used metal packaging materials are tinplate and aluminum, which are widely used in the manufacture of food and beverage packaging cans;
3. Glass packaging materials:
Milk, soft carbonated drinks, alcohol and jams are commonly packaged in glass containers, and some cooking utensils and tableware are also packaged in glass. The main characteristics of glass packaging materials are aesthetics, hygiene, corrosion resistance, low cost, and inert materials, which have little environmental pollution; their disadvantages are fragile, bulky, and expensive.
4. Paper products:
Paper packaging can be recycled again after use, and a small amount of waste can be naturally decomposed in the natural environment without adversely affecting the natural environment. Therefore, the world recognizes that paper, cardboard and paper products are green products and meet the requirements of environmental protection. The treatment of white pollution caused by plastics can play a positive substitute role.

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