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aluminum perfume packaging

To get perfume to market, the first and most important step is to have an attractive perfume package.
Packaging directly affects final sales, so some large perfume companies have set up special design departments to hire top perfume bottle designers. Perfume companies spend a lot of effort to create elegant and exquisite bottles and packaging. Using luxurious displays, the perfume looks like a picture frame or jewelry box. The perfume packaging and everything around it enhance the beauty of the perfume. It's worth it.Coupled with its ingredients, the beautiful impression of perfume is complete.

Good perfumes should be unusual, not grotesque, have strong personality, can be remembered, and have vitality and strength. The full-bodied aroma is gradually emitted without interruption, good diffusion, staying power, stable aroma, and scent Long lasting. At the same time, there must be a unique bottle shape and packaging to form an organic unity, giving people a sense of nobility, elegance and high taste.
The aroma and fragrance in the air cannot be left behind through packaging, but good design will make people feel the taste in the air. The shape, color, structure, text and auxiliary image design can move the viewer's olfactory habits, as if Can discern the smell of perfume in the air.

EBI is a professional manufacturer of recyclable aluminum bottles, aluminum cans, aluminum tubes and other aluminum packaging for food & beverage, cosmetic, essential oils, pharmaceutical, household and industrial products.Supply a full range of high-quality aluminum beer bottles for your craft beer products.

Our aluminum packaging is made of 99.7% pure aluminum which makes it eco-friendly, recyclable, portable and light weight. We offer the widest range of aluminum package (Diameters, heights, shoulders and shapes), capacity is available from 10ml to 1000ml or even larger.

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