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refillable perfume atomizer

Perfume is mainly composed of essence, alcohol and water. The most important key to making perfume is the proportion of the three. Flavor is the main key to determine the aroma. It should be noted that the essential oil used must be pure natural, 100% pure essential oil, diluted base oil or other diluted products cannot be used. And the water used must be distilled to make the aroma more volatile.
Method one
Prepare 100% or 95% of medicinal alcohol (sold by the pharmacy).
Take cologne as an example, add the essential oil to 70ml of alcohol, and slowly stir with a glass rod, so that the essential oil can be completely dissolved in the alcohol. Then pour 30 ml of distilled water and stir again to thoroughly mix the two liquids. Store in a cool place and use it for one to two months. After filtering this mixture with filter paper, it was bottled.
Method Two
Add 15-30% essential oil and 70-85% vodka to a small bottle, gently stir to mix it evenly, then put the bottle in a cool place and wait for 48 hours. The type of essential oil can be selected according to personal preferences, you can choose one or multiple.
Method three
Collect your favorite plant herbs, petals, as fresh as possible. Be sure to choose flowers with a strong taste, such as jasmine, lavender, rosemary, rose, etc. Otherwise, it is difficult to extract the essence. Put the plant herbs in a mortar and mash them with a pestle. Put the mashed herbs in a jar, add about 10-11 drops of water, and then add a drop of alcohol. Pour the filtered solution into a spray can and a new bottle of perfume is finished.

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