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Since the birth of human beings, they have been closely related to plants. In a sense, the essential oils derived from plants are as old as human history. The history of plant essential oils can be traced back to previous centuries and ancient civilizations, including China, Egypt, Arabia, and Greece. These ancient civilizations opened the prelude to the magical world of plant essential oils. As early as more than 3,000 years ago, people began to use the aromatic components of plants to treat diseases and disorders. People dried or dried plants into powder or ointment-this is the original origin of essential oils.
The evolution of essential oils
(1) Ancient Egypt:
At that time, people burned aromatic plants to drive away the devil, dedicate the earth or the sun, and celebrate the death or failure of the enemy and the birth of the baby. Ancient Egypt also used some antiseptic essential oils to preserve corpses, such as cedar essential oil and myrrh essential oil. Cleopatra of Cleopatra used skin care with essential oils and filled the body with aromas. Anthony and Caesar became her love captives. Every time she dated, she was rubbed with jasmine balm to increase the appeal to men.
(2) Ancient Greece
In ancient Greece, the ancient Egyptians learned a lot about the characteristics, modulation, use, and related drug knowledge of essential oils. Based on the achievements of the ancient Egyptians, they continued to conduct in-depth research, and found that essential oils can be used to treat diseases. Medical aspects.
(3) Ancient Rome
The ancient Romans were more luxurious than the Greeks, and essential oils were often used in showers at home or in public baths. The fragrances in Rome were divided into solid, liquid and powder. Romans who like to bathe even use ivory, agate and other materials. Making exquisite containers for placing balsams, the ancient Romans established a comprehensive system of public bathhouses to carry forward the aroma baths.
(4) From ancient Romans to Asia (West Asia, South Asia)
 The ancient Roman empire continued to expand and also brought aromatic essential oils to West Asia. (1000 years ago) A great physician in Arabia, Avicenna, invented the technique of distilling essential oils.
(5) Modern aromatherapy
In the 13th century, the European Crusades began to learn to extract essential oils and pure dew from the Arabs, and brought the essential oils back to Europe. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, they started a wave of spices and became the birthplace of modern aromatherapy in the world.
(6) 1920s to 30s
In an experiment, the chemist Gattifors (French Doctor of Medicine) burned his hands due to an explosion and accidentally discovered the role of lavender essential oils. Since then, he has started researching essential oils and wrote the Natural Aromatic Oil monograph, So that essential oils become a science, known as "the father of essential oils",
(7) The initial formation of aromatherapy
In 1950, Mr. Morley, the successor of Getty Fox, won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the completion of this book, and brought essential oils to beauty. Introducing aromatherapy to the UK, essential oils have become a must-have skincare product for every woman in Europe and the United States.
(8) Perfection and development of aromatherapy
In 1964, Dr. Jean Vai of France continued to study plant essential oils and promoted them for medical use. Following this, the chemist Madame Maury worked harder to promote the application of: mental, physiological, and skin diseases, and devoted to research and invention The essential oil is applied to the human skin with a perfect massage technique to achieve the maximum effect of the external use of plant essential oils, and makes aromatherapy complete and widely known.

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