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Refillable Perfume Bottle

Perfume is an essential secret weapon to show personal taste and charm. In fact, the use of perfume must pay attention to methods. It requires homework and study, not buying and spraying. That will not only waste the perfume, but also bring you a very bad perfume experience. Here are some tips help you proper use of perfume.

1.Do not spray perfume on exposed areas that are easily exposed to the sun. Because some of the fragrances in the perfume are volatile oils extracted from natural plants, such as bergamot oil, etc., they can easily produce a photochemical reaction with long-wave ultraviolet rays in sunlight, and eventually cause skin inflammation and spot-like dark spots on the face.
2.The perfume should not be rubbed directly on the face and allergic skin. Because perfume contains a large amount of alcohol, it is more irritating. If the skin is stimulated by alcohol for a long time, it may cause allergies. Therefore, the method of use should be changed, and depending on the situation, sometimes the perfume is sprinkled on the clothing to emit fragrance.
3.Perfume should not be too strong or too much, otherwise it will be counterproductive, and it can easily lead to olfactory disorders, which is not good for the spirit, and it also tends to give people a feeling of arrogance and glory.
4.Perfume should not be applied on sweaty areas such as the forehead, underarms, and shoes. Because there is a lot of sweat in these parts, it is easy to dilute the perfume, and the sweat and fragrance will produce a strange smell.
6.Perfume should not be sprayed on clothing and jewelry such as fur, gold, and pearls, because perfume will lose their natural luster.
7.Two different perfumes should not be mixed together. The mixed scent will lose the original taste of each original perfume, and it is likely to smell extremely uncomfortable.

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