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What is the difference between balm and perfume? How is the balm used?
The difference between balm and perfume
Balm is actually a solid perfume. We can also think of it as a solid air freshener. It uses the same method as perfume.
Although the method of use is the same as the effect, the ingredients of the two are different. The balm is a fragrance made from the beeswax fragrance, but the composition of the perfume is mainly alcohol. Therefore, the balm belongs to one. A solid spice, while a perfume is a liquid fragrance.
Therefore, because of its special composition, balm will volatilize faster when it is hot, and the scent is generally about 3-4 hours. Relatively speaking, the perfume stays longer and the fragrance of the perfume is longer. In 5-8 hours, so this is the biggest difference between balm and perfume.
How to use balm
1. Apply directly, rub a little bit of balm with your fingers and apply it to the place you want to apply. Pay attention to evenly.
2. Apply with a small scraper, use the back of the nail or a small scraper to scrape the mung bean-sized balm, one corresponding part of the skin.
3. Apply with a puff, apply a proper amount of balm, and apply the balm to the easy-to-dry place such as the calf in a circular motion.

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