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Bottom Refillable perfume atomiser

An elegant girl is accompanied by a fragrance everywhere! An amazing portable bottom-filled perfume bottle lets you put your favorite perfume in your travel bag anytime, anywhere, without having to carry the main bottle.
EBI Travel Bottom Refillable Perfume Bottle work fine, use environmentally friendly materials and aluminum to ensure safety and durability. Ultra-fine atomizing nozzles are very easy to use. The production process is also in line with European and American standards. It is durable and does not react chemically with perfume. It is flight certified, can be take on the plane, and can go anywhere.
It's very simple to use. First, remove the perfume nozzle, align the perfume outlet with the pinhole at the bottom of the bottle, move the bottle up and down, and let the perfume squeeze into the portable bottle. In the process of packing, no drop of perfume leaks out, it is convenient and not wasted.

EBI is a professional manufacturer of recyclable aluminum bottles, aluminum cans, aluminum tubes and other aluminum packaging for food & beverage, cosmetic, hair care, pharmaceutical, household and industrial products.Supply a full range of high-quality aluminum beer bottles for your craft beer products.

Our aluminum packaging is made of 99.7% pure aluminum which makes it eco-friendly, recyclable, portable and light weight. We offer the widest range of aluminum package (Diameters, heights, shoulders and shapes), capacity is available from 10ml to 1000ml or even larger.

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